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One voice can move mountains. Many voices can change the world.

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St. Francis People is movement started by current and former parishioners of the historical St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon which is currently being oppressed by its own clergy.

Instead of allowing our values to be run over, we have instead taken up various federated causes based in progressive Catholic teachings that are steeped in the social justice we have been taught through the years at St. Francis.

We stand proudly with our houseless brothers and sisters, migrants, refugees, and the voiceless.

We are called to represent equality, justice, inclusiveness, and care for the planet both in the church and outside of it.

We stand firmly against clericalism, sexism, and fundamentalism.

The issues we take on are urgent not only for Catholics, but for everyone during these extraordinary times of crisis. We need your voice whether you are a Catholic or not.

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